Gabby and her pups About Gabby

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a designer. My enthusiasm for the arts always seemed more appropriate as a way to unwind and have fun. In fact, I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Nutrition Science/Biology. But my mother is an artist, so I grew up in a colorfully creative, and certainly, very quirky home. From the fine arts, to mixed media, to crafts, I relished in it all. With the arts being such an organic part of my childhood, it’s not too surprising that when life got a little more serious, I found myself drawn back towards my whimsical, creative side. I began to entertain the idea of becoming a designer during a time I like to the call the “wedding mania years.” You know, that curious time in life when your Facebook wall begins to look like one continuous wedding album. Instead of focusing on biostatistics, I found myself anticipating every opportunity to help design my friend’s weddings, their baby showers, or their kids birthday parties. It was somewhat liberating, finding my way back to my roots after being away for some time. This evolved into seriously considering a change in my career path, and eventually I reached the crossroad, the big question I thought I had already answered. And the final answer was Indigo and Company, a boutique stationery and accessories studio! Now everyday I’m lucky enough to revel in a rich world of textured papers, charismatic typography, and fanciful design!

My diverse background has greatly lent a hand in allowing me to develop a truly blended, one-of-a kind design style. As I designer, I find my inspiration from the world around me. Artistry is everywhere - from the indigo dye in your every day blue jeans to the elegance in clean, modern lines, and it is truly a gift to be able to reflect this beauty through gorgeous stationery and accessories. I believe that each of my clients deserves their own unique and outstanding experience when working with I&C. My personal approach lends me the ability to understand your brand or vision, allowing me to flawlessly capture it on paper. Perfect stationery is meaningful and will embrace your distinct personality, giving your guests their first sneak peek of the big day to come. I believe in nothing but the best for my clients and I can’t wait to meet you! I hope you will join me in my world of innovation, where no idea is too big and you are only limited by your imagination!

When I am not designing, you will find me adoring my pups Trevor (a papillon/chihuahua mix) & Maggie (a papillon), who my husband affectionally refers to as my “minions.” I love to paint and I find wonder in a great vocalist. I couldn’t have been named more appropriately than Gabby, and when not talking, I embrace the chance escaping with a good read or an indie film. I lust for an immaculately decorated home and believe it all really begins with excellent architecture. I love to travel and when all the delicious foods of the world aren’t in sight, I would also like to believe I am health enthusiast!

Things I Love
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